Stevens Media Services, LLC is a Georgia corporation founded by Neil Stevens. In his career as a software engineer he has had success with a wide variety of kinds of development: traditional desktop applications, games, dynamic mobile applications, colorful web apps, and innovative site designs.

As a writer and online community builder he’s had success motivating volunteer activists while advocating on issues at sites like RedState.com, and in clearly communicating complex subjects at sites like Daily Caller and Unlikely Voter, the latter a site he designed, built, and deployed from the ground up, and currently writes.

In web development, Stevens Media brings to you expertise behind sites in such diverse fields as law and aerospace, as well as a key member of the team at RedState, a site that must stay online in the face of high traffic, while maintaining community interaction and ease of use.

Stevens Media has available a hand-assembled team of experts, on call and ready to achieve immediate results. With Stevens Media Services LLC, there’s no need to settle. Experienced, dedicated professionals will be on the job from start to finish.